Evisceration, Enucleation, Exenteration

Eyes that become blind and painful, that are not repairable, that pose a risk to one's health and or contain certain tumors may require:

  • removal of portions of the eye (evisceration)
  • removal of the entire eye (enucleation)
  • removal of the eye and many of all of structures with in the orbit (exenteration)

Reconstruction with placement of a prosthesis in conjunction with an ocularists provides the best functional and cosmetic outcomes for a patient.

Inflammatory related conjunctival reconstructions.

Immune disorders may destroy the tissue surrounding the eye, the conjutiva.

Scarring and destruction of this tissue poses a threat eye because of the loss of tear producing glands, malpositon of eyelids and secondary damage to the cornea.

Medical treatment and surgical reconstruction of the inflammatory tissue will provide a safe environment for the eye and prevent furhter damange.